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Hello everyone! I brought Yoghurt!

2014-01-06 02:52:37 by Acander

Good morning class. You may call me Mr. Acander. (A-can-dur)

I've frequented Newgrounds for years but never had the balls to create an account to use for the furthering process of the artform that I love... Which... Is art. Which I am terrible at. I have no skill with my hands when it comes to using anything resembling the recreation of an object or line. Even my handwriting looks like a chicken was raped and is trying to fill out the report with Parkinsons desease.

Anywho, I'm a self-establishing writer, musician, idea-man, thought-provoker, voice-actor, and post-narcissistic-free-love-type-kind-of-slugger-lover of everything fun and exciting. 

I shower, though... 

Smell me. Seriously.

In all seriousness, I am putting myself out and will be uploading some voice-over work showcasing what I would love to do for others (because of my sans-aptitude for drawing) on Newgrounds who feel uncomfortable with doing themselves. (Be it voice, music, singing, writing, ideas, etc.) It's to get my name out there, so it's all free of course and will be for anyone and everyone. I look forward to meeting others and hopefully wowing you folks with my talents. But who am I kidding, the internet is the playground of Hell.