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It would be great if I could have more than 1 out followed by 1 inning. I catch a'l their kicks and they catch all of mine so it's back and forth 0-0 tied games. Stupid as hell.

pixeljamgames responds:

Just fixed the one inning bug... please try it again! :)

My previous review was deleted, so I thought I would try again. This game was terrible, you should focus on either horror pop-up/flash videos, or arcade shooting style games... And work on them for an additional year before submitting them.

Awesome game. I had no issues with a the "glitch" everyone keeps encountering. Great job Death Tiger! And great voice acting Plasmarift, if you need any further voice acting in the future, please let me know I'd be happy to help.

I had a lot of fun! Well done, simple and fun design, well worth it!
Hint/Spoiler: If you can't figure out the bank code check the wallet in your room on the dresser.

Not too bad, ust enough difficulty at first. But it gets redundant as there is no ending, at least not for me and the 30 mins straight I played.

Not necessarily horrible, but not good. Post a finished product that doesn't frustrate people seeking a finishing reward.

I fucking love marshmallow shooting mechs.

What a cool game! I create a character, see a neat little action sequence, then get to stare at a white loading screen! Low and behold, I refresh thrice times and get the same thing! What voodoo is this???

The world will never know that I rode for 00:09:54 because I couldn't submit my score. Bad day.

Great idea, could have been executed better, but still was fun to play something different for a change.

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